U-Kiss Facts

1. Soohyun : Leader & Main Vocalist

2. Kiseop : Lead Dancer & Vocalist

3. Eli : Main Rapper AJ : Lead Rapper & Vocalist

4. Kevin : Lead Vocalist Hoon : Lead Vocalist

5. Dongho : Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

6. Eli’s favorite color is PURPLE.

7. Kevin’s favorite color is BLUE.

8. DongHo’s favorite color is PINK

9. SooHyun’s favorite color is RED.

10. KiSeop and KiBum’s favorite color is BLACK.

11. Xander’s favorite color is WHITE

12. Xander said that Kevin has a lot of look alikes in the kPop Industry, especially GIRLS.

13. U-KISS loves dancing to SNSD’s songs.

14. Eli is shy to show off his armpit hair on screen.

15. Kevin says that he is pretty and perfect in his own ways.

16. DongHo made up words on the word STUPID: Super Talented Unique Person In Demand; And he thinks that he is STUPID on his way.

17. Kevin is said to be the most emotional member in the group.

18. U-KISS loves watching romantic movies together and ends up talking about their love life.

19. Even if the weather is hot or cold, KiBum usually sleeps without any shirt.

20. KiBum loves showing off his abs, and SooHyun too.

21. When Xander gets too hyper, he usually jumps around the place a lot. One reason why he is called MONKEY. 18. U-KISS feels small when they are around other kPop idols who are more ahead of them

22. “My wish is for my supporters to give me more love.” — Kevin.

23. “My wish is for U-KISS to be number one.” — Eli.

24. Kevin does not have, and has never had, a girlfriend.

25. All U-Kiss members are Christians except for Kiseop and AJ who are a Buddhist.

26. Dongho plays Warcraft and probably other online games.

27. Kiseop sometimes lift dumbbells before performances to keep calm.

28. Dongho once tried to put soysauce onto his food, but the lid wasn’t open.

29. Recently, Dongho lost his wallet. He found it right after he cancelled his credit cards.

30. When Eli was young, he acted as a minor character in a Chinese movie.

31. Soohyun uses Paul Mitchell Water Spray

32. The diet Eli had to go on to lose weight was a potato diet and he really didn’t enjoy it. He has disliked potatoes ever since.

33. Kevin once set up a hidden camera to let the audience see what happens when a member keeps on making mistakes

34. Kevin sometimes hates his innocent & kind face because when he gets upset, people say him “How can Kevin get mad?”

35. According to Kiseop, Dongho is very greedy when he eats, he has his both side of cheeks full with foods.

36. When watching themselves perform on TV, everyone is embarrassed except for Dongho. He gets hyper and starts bouncing around.

37. Alexander loves to share a hotel room with Kevin because he doesn’t snore.

38. U-Kiss’ Eli always brings his handphone charger in his bag.

39. Soohyun’s dad passed away when he was in the 2nd grade of elementary school.

40. Hoon debuted in 2009 as a ballad singer.

41. AJ and Hoon’s blood type is A like Soohyun and Kiseop. 39. Dongho’s mother makes the best curry.

42. Kevin’s ideal type was Beyonce for many years.

43. Kibum likes Omelettes.

44. Eli eats the most out of the members.

45. Kevin loves candy, ice cream, noodles, and chicken.

46. Alexander enjoys going to foreign countries where he purchases souvenirs and takes photography. 45. Dongho’s record for eating a bowl of Jajangmyun (black bean noodle) is 59 seconds.

47. Dongho once played the drums to ‘Manmanhani’ on Idol Maknae Rebellion.

48. Dongho is playing for his school baseball team.

49. Kevin really likes girls with soft hands.

50. Kiseop drools when he was sleeping.

51. Every time they’re asked to dance, Kiseop’s dance is the most random one.

52. Everyone thought that Kevin is the youngest when they debuted at first.

53. Eli is really good at cooking.

54. Dongho follows Kevin’s path dancing to girl group’s dance recently.

55. Dongho showers mostly about 10 minutes long or more.

56. Eli doesnt like to go to Noraebang (Karaoke).

57. Xander once lied to his parents that he said he went to do homework but he played actually.

58. Dongho once played Sistar’s Push Push in the car and Kevin sang to it while Kibum and Dongho danced.

59. All UKISS’ members love beach.

60. Soohyun was trained for 6 years.

61. Kevin was trained for 4 years.

62. “I’m sorry, I love u, these words r hard to say, since u’ve given me this chance, i wanna say “I Love You” to my mom” — Dongho.

63. “Past is past. We always have to move on.” — SooHyun.

64. “The laziest person to wake up is none other than the maknae, DongHo” — Kevin.

65. AJ said if he was a girl, he’d date Kevin.

66. According to AJ, Hoon usually farts when he yawns.

67. Eli is allergic to cats.

68. DongHo is very close with Eli.

69. Xander cried a lot watching the movie Titanic.

70. Eli likes cocktail more than soju.

71. When they’re practicing bingeul”, Kevin once hit Xander on his face.

72. Kibum’s favorite sport is Basketball.

73. When Kiseop goes overseas, the majority of the items he packs are skincare products.

74. AJ is a really good piano player.

75. Hoon was born at Gyeonggi Province.

76. Eli says that no matter what, he always feels sleepy in the airport.

77. When U-Kiss have time off, Soohyun and Kiseop usually meet up and hang out together.

78. “I like IU, because she can sing very well and I can always listen to her singing if I date her” — Dongho.

79. When Dongho tells Kevin secrets, he uses English and uses Mandarin when telling Alexander secrets.

80. “No pain, no success.” — Soohyun.

81. Soohyun is friends with Jokwon (2AM), Dongwoon (Beast) and Kikwang (Beast) from his trainee days at JYP.

82. “Age is just a number” — Eli.

83. “Problems come and go. Let’s just face & fight it. Believe in ourselves” – Kevin.

84. “Sometimes we’ll stay over at each other’s homes, depending on our schedule and it was like a slumber party!” – Eli.

85. Eli used to have bestfriend when he was in kindergarten, 10 years later, when he was in China, his bestfriend passed away T.T.

86. Xander ate half of an ice cream at once.

87. Eli likes to listen ballad or upbeat dance songs.

88. AJ’s favorite songs of Bran New Kiss are ‘I Dont Understand’ and ‘Miracle’.

89. Hoon’s hobbies are do leisure sports and music.

90. Dongho doesn’t wear much when he sleeps. Usually just boxers.

100. Soohyun can’t wait to be a father one day.

101. Kevin likes dogs.

102. Kiseop likes to take care of his members.

103. Pre-debut, Xander was in a Cantonese Television campaign against teen violence.

104. Kevin likes being carried on peoples’ backs (suka digendong di punggung orang)

105. Kibum needs to bring an electric shaver with him everywhere, because he’s so hairy n needs to shave up to four times a day.

106. Xander joined twitter on 22nd June 2009

107. Soohyun joined twitter on 25th May 2010

108. Kibum joined twitter on 29th March 2010

109. Kiseop joined twitter on 14th Nov 2010

110. Eli joined twitter on 16th December 2009

111. AJ joined twitter on 11 April 2011

112. Hoon joined twitter on 7nd June 2010

113. Kevin joined twitter on 20th Aug 2009

114. Dongho joined twitter on 2nd April 2010

115. Kiseop is the most selca maniac member in U-Kiss

116. Soohyun is the most romantic member in U-Kiss

117. If U-Kiss are girls, “I choose Dongho. He’s the maknae of the group and I wish to turn into a noona to date him” — Kibum.

118. If U-Kiss are girls, “I choose Eli because he’s very manly” — Dongho.

119. If U-Kiss are girls, “I choose Kibum because he’s rich” — Eli.

120. If U-Kiss are girls, “I choose Kibum as he will like a person wholeheartedly” — Xander

121. If U-Kiss are girls, “I choose Soohyun because he’s very much like a guy, he understands women’s thinking very well” — Kevin.

123. If U-Kiss are girls, “I choose Kevin because his personality is very pure” — Kiseop.

124. If U-Kiss are girls, “I choose Xander because he lives alone, his house is very big n there are games to play” — Soohyun.

125. “I want to attempt lyrics writing, composing, writing song for my self and other singers to sing” — Kevin.

126. “I’d like to run an entertainment company, plan the stage, content lighting by myself and design U-KISS’s unique stage” — Soohyun.

127. “I will like to partnership with mum to open a holiday resort” — Kiseop

128. “I will open a cafe too but small and warm cafe, don’t have so many customers so they’re able to do their dtuff peacefully” — Dongho

129. “I like drinking coffee very much, so I will like to open a cafe” — Eli

130. “I will want to open a bubble tea shop in Korea and Kevin should be my shop’s loyal customer” — Xander

131. Xander wants to act the role of a perverted bad character to break his happy and friendly image.

132. Dongho wants to act a handsome guy who can fight very well and is very rich too.

133. Eli wants to play King like the role in the movie “The King and the Clown”

134. Kevin wants to act in love scene the most.

135. Kibum wants to act as a director of a big enterprise but his personality is a little unreliable.

136. Kiseop wants to challenge the most is being a rich kid like Gu Jun Pyo from BOF on a drama.

137. AJ’s inspiration musicians are Justin Timberlake and his PO hyung from Paran.

138. Like Dongho, AJ also had the cornrow hairstyle.

139. Hoon debuted in 2009 is a ballad singer.

140. Dongho takes lots and lots of pictures of the members. He just never uploads. them anywhere.

141. When Kevin was in school, his favourite subject was Math.

142. Alexander likes cats. 131. Alexander prefers to be called Xander than Alex.

143. Soohyun is a massive Chris Brown fan.

144. Kevin’s type: Girls with soft hands, who can carry him [take it as a joke], who would not hurt his feelings, older than him.

145. Kevin’s favorite SNSD member is the maknae Seohyun.

146. Kevin and xander’s most memorable memory for 2009 is becoming a part of the pops in seoul family.

147. “I cry if i have to. I don’t like hiding my feelings because it hurts more.” — Kevin.

148. Kevin havent had his first love cuz he started training at an early age so he havent had any chance.

149. Let It Be by Beatles was the 1st song that kevin sang in a large crowd.

150. Kevin didnt experience wearing a uniform in his school days.

151. Kevin is always annoyed and disturbed by KiBum.

152. Kevin usually sleeps whenever he has problems or whenever he feels down.

153. “I like someone that can take care of me, a nuna ^^”– Kevin.

154. Kevin can’t sleep without hugging teddy bears.

155. Kevin: I feel very happy when I went to the theme park while holding my parent’s hand. (his childhood memory)

156. Kevin is such a random person. He usually say random things when they talk about one particular thing.

157. Xander has a room full of fan letters and fan gifts.

158. Xander studied in America at De Anza , California

159. Eli’s favourite chinese food is kung pao chicken.

160. Xander is fond of Chinese food, and he often eats it when he gets homesick.

161. Eli likes spicy food, burgers, pungent cheeses and dragonfruit.

162. Kiseop always brings snacks with him when he goes out.

163. Soohyun likes healthy foods, and loves vegetables.

164. Kibum once fell asleep while his hair and make-up were getting done.

165. When U-KISS play a game, the loser will buy snacks. Then when it comes to kiseop’s losses, he wont accept it & ask them to do it again! That’s why they call him Salty-dol~

166. Soohyun said that he want a marriage on stage while UKISS is having their promotional tours

167. Kiseop and Kevin would like to have a wedding in the beach.

168. Dongho want a simple marriage. A wedding at the church.

169. Kibum: “My brain is smart. My mom said it was smart. / MC: “All moms said that!”

170. Before debuted in U-KISS, Alexander worked at a gym in HongKong

171. Kevin’s uncle (Emmanuel Woo) is an Opera singer & Actor. He lives in Germany.

172. AJ said that he can’t stand next to Eli during the photoshoot, because comparing to his face size, Eli has a small face

173. U-KISS are closed w/ Jay Park, they give him a big bear hug when Jay Park won a Mutizen (Soohyun slap him in the butt to :p LOL)

174. Soohyun’s biological father died when SH was in his 2nd middle school & now he lived with his stepfather (for 5 years until now)

175. Before debute in U-KISS, Hoon always promoted sad songs and gave depresed poses, he said that he was good with sad expression.

176. Dongho once ran away from home when his grandfather celebrating his 80th birthday. Dongho once ran away from home,he packed everything he owned into a big bag & left his home for..the bank (wondering why?) Dongho once ran away from home, he go to the bank & sold all of his stocks and withdrew everything he had in his account! And Dongho regretted it (run away from home) bcoz on his grandfather’s birthday photos there was no picture of him and his parents faces in the photo was pale with fear and forcing a smile because they worried about Dongho.

177. U-KISS known as the friendliest Korean boyband amongest their fans.

178. MC: Was there a member that was hard to get along with?

hoon: (pointing to SH) this hyung!
Sh: wae??
Hoon: this hyung was… wierd
Dongho: I’ve felt that for 3 years!
Hoon: But because of his wierdness, i’ve gotten weird too..

179. Xander has worn contacts for ten years, till March 21, 2011, when he did his LASIK Surgery

180. Kiseop said that Kevin is so cute when he drunk, Kevin even try to touch Kiseop’s hips.

181. Among U-KISS member, Dongho is the only one who had never drank liquor, and beyond expectations, Kevin can drink well.

182. Dongho’s English name is Justin Shin

183. Eli english fullname is Elison Kim

184. In the drama Real School, Kiseop said that his English name is “KissMe”

185. When it comes 4 Hoon to act aegyo in front of the camera, he’ll end up w/ making funny awkward faces & said “I’m going to crazy”

186. Alexander talks to his toys. And according to Kevin he even talks to his bread.

187. Soohyun has a good relationship with his stepfather, he admitted that his stepfather is a great father.

188. Dongho choose Kevin as the best posed member when they’re doing photoshoot together.

189. Soohyun is playing the piano, cameraman approached & ask him to play a song. SH: “Oh, yes. Wait.” then he called Hoon to do it.

190. Dongho studied at Seoul Yonggang for middle school, then he went to Hanrim Entertainment Arts School for high school.

191. Alexander cried a lot during the last concert. Kiseop comforted him by hugging him. Kevin cried a lot as well.

192. According to Kibum, when he doin promotion, it was like his mother was doing the promotion. She even don’t sleep when he didn’t.

193. Kiseop auditioned and got into U-KISS while he was modelling for a shopping mall show, run by a friend.

194. “If Kevin was a girl, i’d be courting him… i mean her. HAHAHA.” — Eli.

195. Don’t keep ur hands on 1 rope. Keep them steady on both” (education & career as a star) -Kibum (he means not to give up school)

196. Dongho once lose his stage costume (pants) just right before U-KISS first comeback for “0330” at Mnet Mcountdown (2011.03.31).

197. Ukiss Interview – Soohyun, Kibum, Dongho

Interviewer: Have you ever been to fans’ minihompy or blogs?

Soohyun: Our fans?

Int: Yes, the fans.

Ki Bum: My mouse slipped and I accidentally clicked on the link. I didn’t mean to. The mouse ran off and clicked on it.

Int: So what do you do after that? Do you stay there or immediately leave?

Ki Bum: Well, if you’re going to look, you might as well dig through everything!

Soohyun: Well, you’re there, might as well look!!

Ki Bum: I go in and see what kind of things they have… pertaining to us.

Int: And do you look at the fans’ pictures and things like that?


Dongho: Dig through every single thing!

198. Dongho’s older brother name is Shin Dongjin. He’s older than Dongho by 10 years. He lives in China, alone (studying).

199. Pre-debut, Xander was in a Cantonese Television campaign against teen violence.

200. UKISS are allowed to date, but are currently single. (maybe because they have a busy schedule? ^^)

201. Kevin likes to sit on Eli’s back when Eli’s lying down flat on his stomach. Dongho likes to sit on Soohyun’s back.

202. Kevin became once a hot topic when he crossed dressed in Star King& imitate Jessica of SNSD.

203. “I hate it when i sing, then my voice suddenly cracks. It’s embarrassing!” — Kevin.

204. Kevin’s type: Girls with soft hands, who can carry him [take it as a joke], who would not hurt his feelings, older than him.

205. “I cry if i have to. I don’t like hiding my feelings because it hurts more.” — Kevin.

206. “I feel much more comfortable with you (G.NA) than Alexander.” -Kevin

207. kevin came to korea with his mom to audition last 2006.

208. Rain Bi was kevin’s inspiration 2 have his dream as a singer.He saw Rain performance in america and started dreaming to be a singer.

209. when kevin’s sister is still studying at america, Kevin always call and chat with her.

210. MP3 is always on kevin’s bag. he said that its boring if he dont have music with him.

211. Kevin had a crush in his school days and he confessed to that girl b4 he went to korea.

212. Kevin havent had his first love cuz he started training at an early age so he havent had any chance.

213. Kevin’s envious to Xander’s ability to speak 7 languages.

214. according to dongho, kevin likes saying “PABO!” pabo meaning Silly/Fool.

215. kevin once did a clumsy thing in his grandfather’s bday when he was young 😀

216. Kevin gives hugs and kisses to his pet ,Minnie.

217. Kevin hates BUGS.

218. when kevin was young, his sister always scolds at him like “Go To Sleep!”,”how com u wud not finish ur homework?!”

219. cuz kevin is the youngest in his family, he was told to wash the dishes, throw the garbages and was like “aah!~”

220. I like to take pictures because I can capture the moment with my friends and family. #kevinquotes

221. I wake up at 2am feeling so hungry and I eat ramyun and my face BURST! #kevinquotes

222. I think I look like SNSD’s Jessica. #kevinquotes

223. I like all the angles that appear in the anime, especially the cute Pikachu. Just like me *laughs* #kevinquotes

224. No. I like a girl who eats well. That’s fine. I would rather have a girl with some meat on, than just skin and bones. #kevinquotes

225. Kevin’s date recommendation is Lotte World.

226. Kevin’s nickname is K-Dambi, K-Juri, Mervin, Jessica.

227. Kevin’s has a weird habit of sending txt message reply that isn’t related to what sender asking.

228. Kevin’s want to get married at 30.

229. After dressing up as Jessica on Star King, Kevin his title as being prettier than a girl.

230. Kevin never went clubbing and wants to go to one.

231. Kevin use to wear glasses.

232. When Kevin was in elementary he always wanted to have those H.O.T. hairstyles.

233. If Kevin made his girlfriend angry he would make cake or dinner despite he can’t cook.

234. Everyone thought Kevin was the maknae at first.

235. Kevin’s ideal girl was once Beyonce.

236. Kevin Looks the same before and after he sleeps.

237. When Kevin was younger, if he wasn’t a singer, he would become a doctor.

238. Isak said Kevin eats a LOT.

239. Kevin’s favourite dish is ddeokbokki and pizza.

240. Kevin Cried when he watched Avatar & Titanic.

241. Kevin’s carries a Christian Book given to him by Brian-hyung at all times, along with his MP3 player, and a picture of him and his family.

242. Kevin is very fond of Isak. He says lots of nice thing about her.

243. Wrote the english lyrics for In Your Hands, My Girl and Forget Our Memories.

244. Kevin’s mother used to be in the entertainment industry.

245. When they danced Girl’s day’s twinkle twinkle, Hoon is so cute, He’s like the 2nd Kevin.

246. Kevin sprained his wrist during “Not Young.”Since he didn’t take care of it it got wors &he;had to put on a cast

247. When Kevin was in school, his favourite subject was Math

248. “I want to attempt lyrics writing, composing, writing song for myself and other singers to sing” — Kevin

249. Eli once asked Kevin if he was texting a girl becuz he saw lots of hearts& “I Love you.” Turns out Kevin was texting his mom.

250. Kevin hates how he has a nice and innocent face because he does occasionally get mad.

251. If Kevin was a girl and he got to date one super junior member, he would choose Siwon because of his charisma and great body.

252. Kevin likes to sit on Eli’s back when Eli’s lying down flat on his stomach.

253. Kevin loves playing along with Kibum’s jokes and loves pretending to be the victim.

254. Kiseop said that the most surprising member when drunk was Kevin. Kevin turns into a cutie pie and touches his hips.

255. Kevin can imitate Jung Juri’s laugh expression. A dinosaur and Margie’s voice in The Simpsons.

256. Kevin’s nickname are fish, honeyvin, mervin.

257. In Ukiss Vampire, members said that Kevin doesn’t wash up that much.

258. Kevin’s favorite foreign singers are Chris Brown&Ne;-yo.

259. The first and the last time that people heard Kevin’s voice cracked while performing TALK TO ME in the huge crowd.

260. Kevin and Deanna were so similar(face) when they were young.

261. Kevin hides whenever they have guests in their house *shy boy* :p

262. When Kevin was young, he was always told to wash the dishes and throw the garbages.

263. Kevin’s fantasy kiss is a kiss in the eye.

264. Kevin loves hugging a teddy bear when he’s sleeping.

265. Kevin covers his face when he was watching a scary movie.

266. Kevin’s ideal girl at first was Go Ara, but now it was Sandara Park.

267. Kevin’s ideal girl is a cute and lively girl and a girl with smiling eyes. He likes girls with long fingers.

268. Kevin rides public transportation to go home, to save money.

269. When Kevin was just new to Pops in Seoul he was called the ‘doctor’, because he was d one who usually explain what was going on.

270. Kevin would laugh easily when hearing corny jokes.

271. Kevin became number 1 in search engines after cross dressing in Star King.

272. Kevin talks to his computer like, “Why are you so slow?!”

273. Kevin’s fave food is Pizza..Cheesecake.

274. Kevin loves taking photos.

275. Kevin loves ddeokbokkgi and spicy foods.

276. Kevin eats a lot but slowly

277. Kevin is good at swimming.

278. Kevin likes basketball, badminton, taekwondo, and soccer but he’s no good with it.

279. Kevin screams like a girl.

280. Kevin can play the guitar and also piano.

281. ”More than words” by Extreme/Westlife was the song Kevin used/sang in his audition.

282. Kevin acted in musical w/ 26 shows between his first stage as stated, and his last stage on February 14, 2011, Valentine’s Day.

283. In January 05, 2011, Kevin debuted as a musical (lead)actor in “On Air Musical”

284. Kevin sang Brave Sound’s song “Finally” together with Alexander.

285. Kevin with Alexander, became a MCs too in Arirang’s The Mwave.

286. In 2008, Kevin became the member of U-Kiss, together with Alexander,Soohyun,Kibum,Eli and Dongho.

287. After the release of T-Express in April 2008, Kevin, decided to depart from the group, Xing.

288. Kevin became a member of Xing. He debuted in 2006, together with Kibum, Yume and Hyesung.

289. At first, Kevin didn’t say to his friends that he was going to be a singer in Korea.

290. Kevin auditioned during holiday trip, and was chosen, and he decided to be a singer.

291. Kevin became a member of school choir.

292. Kevin attended Monte Vista High School.

293. Kevin’s older sister’s name is Deanna. Deanna is is 3 years older than Kevin.

294. Kevin was born and raised in Danville, California, United States.

295. Kevin doesn’t wear any contacts because of his Lasik surgery.

296. Kevin’s eyes are brown

297. SooHyun’s ideal type: simple, sweet, loving, friendly, can understand him all the time and always being there for him

298. Kiseop’s ideal type: same fears as he has, cooks food for him and can love him forever

299. DongHo’s ideal type: friendly, will care for him so much, not a liar and a copycat, cute and loving to him

300. Eli’s ideal type: as sweet and romantic as him, looks do matter, simple and can love him with all her heart

301. Xander’s ideal type: can understand his attitude, always there for him, curly hair[original] and brown eyes[original]

302. Kevin’s ideal type: sweet, loving, soft hands, funny like him and will never break his heart

303. KiBum’s ideal type: can pack and prefer food for him, friendly, as serious as him and can control him when he’s angry

304. Kiseop is the most selca maniac member in UKISS

305. Kevin is the most random member in UKISS

306. Soohyun is the most romantic member in UKISS

307. Dongho is the laziest member in UKISS V

308. Kibum is the scariest member in UKISS

309. If UKISS are girls, “I choose Eli because he’s very manly” — Dongho

310. “I’d like to run an entertainment company, plan the stage, content, lighting by myself n design UKISS’s unique stage” — Soohyun

311. “I will like to partnership with mum to open a holiday resort” — Kiseop

312. “I will want to open a bubble tea shop in Korea and Kevin should be my shop’s loyal customer” — Xander

313. Soohyun wants to act the role of a singer that has many fans all over the world

314. Kevin loves to eat pizza. He loves adding kimchi on his pizzas too

315. “I want to co-star with Japan’s girl groups in program” — Soohyun

316. Kiseop likes quiet music that also has beat and recently, he listens to Rock Ballad often

317. When holiday comes, Dongho and Kibum would spend it for sleeping all day, to get rid of their tiredness

318. Xander is called ‘human translating machine’ by the members as he is fluent with 7 languages

319. DongHo’s father used to be a president of a famous magazine company

320. Dongho’s first secret love is when he was in kindergarten

321. When Dongho was in kindergarten, was in Giraffe Class while his secret love was in Deer Class

322. Kevin once drooled due to his fear

333. Soohyun once threw a wig to Kiseop, and the result was Kiseop fell from his chair

334. When UKISS goes to a karaoke, Eli is not a person who sings, but drinks instead

335. Kibum loves drinking protein shakes

336. “When Kevin sleep, he doesnt hug his teddy bear only but he hug me as well” — Eli

337. Xander sleeps with a face mask on

338. UKISS is pretty close with members of 2AM, 2PM, B2ST and SJ

339. Dongho plays golf well

340. “UKISS is more like a fam, KB as dad, SH as uncle, Kevin as daughter, Eli as son, DH as puppy” — Xander

341. Every time they’re asked to dance, Kiseop’s dance is the most random one

342. Of all members, it is said that KiSeop is the most shy and quiet member in the group.

343. DongHo pronounces ‘As Long As You Love Me’ as ‘Es-ji rong es-ji you rove me.”

344. U-KISS members have one thing in common: they like to say ‘EWWWW!’ a lot!

345. SooHyun appreciates his voice, but wishes that he could rap like Xander and Eli.

346. Xander is DongHo’s Math tutor. Whenever maknae has problems with his assignments, Xander is always there to help him out.

347. Xander, Kevin and DongHo loves reading KISS MEs’ tweets.

348. KiBum’s main priority is his FAMILY.

349. Xander liked playing with his Ultraman figure toys when he was young.

350. Xander always dreamt of being a SuperHero.

351. DongHo doesn’t like doing his assignments. He only does them when he feels like to.

352. “Even if im worst in korean writing [hangeul], at least i rap better than Eli.” — Xander.

353. Hoon sama Kiseop sering nyanyi bareng diiringi sama Soohyun yang jadi back-singer.

354. AJ ga gitu suka makan daging.

355. AJ suka meluk orang.

356. Hoon termasuk orang yang pendiam.

357. Hoon bisa makan dengan cepat walaupun makanan itu masih panas.

358. Kalo ngeliat kamera nyorot ke muka AJ, dia bakal ngumpet dibalik badan member lain.

359. Kevin carries a Christian Book given to him by Brian-hyung at all times, along with his MP3 player, and a picture of him and his family.

360. Ukiss members say that Kevin behave the most differently when the camera is on and OFF.

361. Kevin is chosen as the prettiest member as he never shows his angry side.

362. Kevin Wrote the english lyrics for In Your Hands, My Girl and Forget Our Memories.

363. Kevin’s mother used to be in the entertainment industry.

364. Kevin Used to sing for church & was in a Youth Praise Team.

365. “I wake up at 2am feeling so hungry and I eat ramyun and my face BURST!” – Kevin

366. Kevin have seen one of his fans who is the type of girl he likes.

367. Kevin is always annoyed and disturbed by KiBum.

368. “I like someone that can take care of me, a nuna ^^”– Kevin

369. “whenever i have a problems, i always share it with the members to let all the pain out. Sometimes”. — Kevin

370. “Give me a hug and i’ll hug you back for sure! I love hugs!” — Kevin.

371. Eli: everyone’s a cheater. Kevin: Why.. I never cheated before. (pops in seoul)

372. Xander calls Dongho as his hyper baby

373. U-Kiss is so kindhearted, they even cant stand seeing the chef cut the tuna’s body LOL

374. Soohyun sings 4Men’s songs the most when he asked to sing suddenly

375. Soohyun wanted to throw a doll to Kiseop, but it landed on Kibum’s face instead of Kiseop’s

376. Soohyun is very competitive

377. Eli said that Dongho’s confidence is really strong

378. AJ can not only rap, he also has a fairly nice singing voice

379. Hoon’s hobbies are do leisure sports and music

380. “On camera, Kevin seems to act all Friendly” — Kibum

381. Eli writes hangul without spacings

382. Alexander is envious of Dongho, he said in 10years, Dongho’s still in his 20 but Xander’s in his 30

383. Whether Kevin’s singing or acting, he want to hear people say “Ah, Kevin looks totally different”

384. Kiseop’s very first stage performance as an official U-KISS member was on 5th of November 2009 on M!Countdown

385. “Without Eli, there’s no reason to laugh, We laugh because of him” — Soohyun

386. “We don’t want to hear ‘U-Kiss has no skill’ but ‘U-Kiss is a sriously talented group’!!” — Soohyun

387. Soohyun likes to try other member’s food

388. “See this sweat? I’m working hard” — Soohyun

389. Kibum said that Soohyun is the one who hurts Xander often

390. Hoon is addicted to anime

391. If Kiseop was a girl, he would not want to date Soohyun because he’s too mature

392. Dongho has a lot of Winnie The Pooh stuffed toys at his home

393. “Kevin has the princess syndrome!” – Soohyun (since Kevin always looks into the mirror)

394. Kevin thinks that a good way to get your crush’s attention is by accidentally crashing your car into them to get their phone

395. AJ doesn’t want to date Kevin because besides his kissing scenes on his musical, he doesn’t have any experience in dating

396. Soohyun’s motto: There is no success without suffering

397. Soohyun loves watching the anime “One Piece”

398. AJ has a small recording room in his house

399. Kiseop wants to challenge the most is being a rich kid like Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers on a drama

400. Kibum wants to act as the director of a big enterprise but his personality is a little unreliable

401. Kevin wants to act in love scene the most

402. Eli wants to play King like the role in the movie ‘The King and the Clown’

403. Soohyun wants to act the role of a singer that has many fans all over the world

404.Xander wants to act the role of a perverted bad character to break his happy n friendly image

405. Dongho wants to act a handsome guy who can fight very well and is very rich too

406. waktu kiseop pergi ke luar kota, kebanyakan barang yang dia ambil adalah produk2 untuk kulit.

407. ideal type kiseop adalah cewek yang berambut panjang, suka membaca buku, pendek, dan bisa menjaganya

408. ideal type dongho adalah orang yang tak akan menyakitinya, perhatian, manis, dan imut seperti dia.

409. soohyun juga suka cewe yang lebih pendek daripada dia

410. ideal type soohyun adalah orang yang romantis seperti dia, dan akan tetap mencintainya

411. kevin lebih mementingkan pekerjaannya daripada temannya

412. waktu sedih, dongho merajut.

413. sewaktu mereka sedang latihan dance bingeul bingeul, kevin pernah tak sengaja memukul muka xander

414. waktu tidur, kiseop suka ngences

415. kevin ingin mata berwarna merah

416. xander pengen mata berwarna biru

417. eli ingin mata berwarna hijau

418. eli memakai fotonya sendiri untuk background hapenya

419. From Buzz korea(reality show),they exposed what’s in Kevin’s bag.. -a bread,health products(vitamins),and a letter from a fan

420. “Every aspect you see, I think I’m the most pure (innocent) member.” -Kevin Woo

421. Kevin cant stand next to girls, he cant talk to them.

422. Kevin’s ideal type of girl is someone who’s bright and can understand him& someone who can laugh with him

423. [Kevin’s ideal type]For appearance, Kevin prefer girls that look innocent.

424. “During the fall time, we’ll be making our Korean comeback and I’m planning to be in a musical too.” -Kevin Woo

425. Kevin is still not used to Japan’s road/street system, he’s still confused with the directions

426.”When I rode my bike, I road it on the right side of the road. But all these bicycles were coming straight at me all at once. So yeah, I remember this dangerous experience.” -KevinWoo

427. Kevin did an opposite pose of the Statue of Liberty[in Buzz Korea]

428. Kevin is disappointed since he started his career in an early age.He wanted to experience life as a student

429. After the departure of Xander and Kibum, Dongho had still kept in contact with Xander and told him that he missed Xander.

430. U-Kiss singkatan dari Ubiqutous Korean International (Idol) Super Star

431. Kiseop lahir pada tanggal 17 Januari 1991. Berat badan: 60 kg, tinggi: 180cm, Golongan darah: A, Keahlian: Taekwondo, poppin dance, beatbox.

432. Kiseop memiliki seorang kakak perempuan.

433. Hobi Kiseop: musik dan photography

434. Kiseop adalah salah satu Ulzzang di U-Kiss (Best Face)

435. Kiseop pernah muncul di MV U-Kiss “Not Young”, pas iPod jatuh.

436. Kiseop adalah pemenang spark filled battle melawan Yoon Doojoon Beast

437. Kalo lagi nervous, Kiseop bakal ngomong sangat cepat

438. Kiseop pengen banget jadi programmer

439. Cinta pertama Kiseop saat tahun ke3 di sekolah menengah

440. Kiseop menyukai cewek yang pendek dan imut

441. Sama seperti Eli, Kiseop paling percaya diri ketika keluar dari kamar mandi

442. Hal yang dilakukan Kiseop ketika bangun tidur adalah merenggangkan otot lalu ke kamar mandi

443. Kiseop memakai piyama macan ketika tidur

444. Kiseop senang dengan photography

445. Benda yang slalu ada di dalam tas Kiseop : Minyak wangi, dompet, kacamata, notebook, pembersih, aksesoris, lensa, topi, lotion, kaos kaki, pakaian, dll

446. Kiseop suka vintage

447. Ukuran baju Kiseop adalah 100/30

448. Kiseop merupakan member trakhir di U-Kiss (sebelum kehadiran AJ& Hoon)

449. Kiseop mengatakan “Jangan pernah berhenti percaya. Mimpi benar-benar terwujud sehingga tujuan tercapai”

450. Kiseop berasal dari Yatab yang merupakan daerah Bundang, sebuah distrik di GyeonggiDo, sebuah provinsi di Seoul

451. Kiseop memegang sabuk hitam taekwondo

452. Kiseop memiliki 3 tindikan

453. Kiseop memiliki kamera Nikkon Nikkor DSLR dan dia sangat suka mengambil gambar member lain

454. Parfum favourite Kiseop adalah Calvin Klein CK One

455. Kiseop selalu membawa buku catatan kecil sehingga ia bisa menulis ide-ide

456. Pertama kali Kiseop gabung sebagai member U-Kiss secara resmi pada tanggal 5 November 2009 di M.Countdown

457. Kevin lahir pada tanggal 25 November 1991. Memiliki seorang kakak perempuan. Kevin memiliki kemampuan poppin’ dance, main piano dan gitar, berbahasa inggris dan menyanyi

458. Kevin pernah tinggal di California, San Fransisco bersama Kibum

459. Kevin adalah mantan member XING bersama Kibum

460. Kevin ini deket banget ama Kibum

461. Kevin pernah menjadi VJ bareng Xander

462. Kevin menjadi sasaran bully Eli. Jadi, dia belajar martial art selama 5 tahun

463. Soohyun lahir pada tanggal 11 Maret 1989 dan memiliki seorang kakak perempuan dan adik perempuan. Kemampuan Soohyun: RnB, dance, sepak bola, nyanyi, main piano

464. Soohyun mantan trainee di Good & JYPE

465. Soohyun deket ama 2AM & 2PM

466. Soohyun pernah nangis di pojokan panggung sehabis perform karena ia melakukan kesalahan dalam performnya dan ia merasa besalah

467. Soohyun punya kualitas vokal yang luar biasa.

468. Sebelum debut U-Kiss, Soohyun sering ikut kompetisi nyanyi dan selalu menang

469. Soohyun merupakan sosok pekerja keras, soalnya ia ingin sekali masuk TV, semua audisi ia ikuti dan tidak merasa capek

470. Soohyun sayang banget ama Dongho

471. Soohyun adalah member yang paling bagus bahasa Koreanya

472. Waktu konser pertama kali, Soohyun merasa nervous sekali sampai mau mati katanya

473. Dalam reality show “All about U-Kiss”, Soohyun ngedance Rainism-rain di atas kereta

474. Soohyun suka menyembunyikan makanan di bawah tempat tidurnya

475. Ketika Soohyun bosan, maka ia akan bernyanyi

476. Soohyun ingin mempunyai pacar orang Filiphina

477. Alexander lahir tanggal 29 Juli 1989 dan memiliki seorang kakak perempuan. Xander mampu berbicara 7 bahasa yang berbeda

478. Xander blasteran dari campuran Portugis China dan Korea (Ibunya yang Korea)

479. Xander pernah menjadi VJ bareng Kevin di acara Pops In Seoul

480. Xander suka banget ngaca

481. Xander mengaku bahwa ia lebih sexy dari Park Bom

482. Xander lahir dan tinggal di Macau terus pindah ke California buat sekolah terus balik lagi ke Hongkong buat jadi MC dan sekarang jadi personil U-Kiss

483. Kakek Xander meninggal seminggu sebelum Xander ultah (2008)

484. Eli lhir tanggal 31 Maret 1991 dan memiliki seorang kakak perempuan dan adik perempuan. Eli memiliki keahlian dalam taekwondo, kungfu dan ngerap

485. Eli lahir di Los Angeles lalu pindah ke Washington DC dan pindah ke Beijing

486. Eli belajar kungfu selama 12 tahun

487. Golongan darah Eli: O

488. Wanita ideal Eli adalah Goo Eun Hye

489. Eli jadi korban bullying di sekolahnya waktu di LA

490. Kibum lahir tanggal 29 Des 1990 memiliki kakak laki-laki yang juga merupakan seorang member boyband SS501

491. Kibum mengkomposisikan musik bersama kakaknya yang sekarang dinyanyikan oleh SS501. Nama tim mereka H&B. lagunya Want It

492. Yang paling menyayat hati, Kibum digosipkan tenar numpang nama kakaknya

493. Kibum deket ama Kevin sejak di XING

494. Dongho lahir tanggal 29 Juni 1994 dan ia memiliki seorang kakak laki-laki. Ia mampu bermain golf dan drum. Ia juga dapat bermain sepak bola

495. Dongho merupakan maknae di U-Kiss

496. Dongho pernah tinggal di China

497. Dongho bisa berbicara bahasa Inggris dikit-dikit

498. Dongho dikenal dengan maknae ter-cute

499. Menurut Xander : Dongho mgkn sangat mengganggu kdang2 tp dy sgt baik sebenernya

500. Menurut Soohyun : Dongho nonton film zombie, dy bakalan mimpi tentang itu

501. Member lain bilang kalo Kevin pengaruh jelek buat Dongho krn Dongho mulai ngedance cwek

502. Kevin bilang Dongho itu adalah member yang paling males bangun

503. Ibu Dongho adalah wanita yang berperan sbg ibunya Kevin di MV Not Young

504. Dongho punya alergi sama kepiting

505. Xander, Kevin dan Dongho gak pernah punya cwek sama sekali

506. Dongho bisa bermain golf dgn sangat bagus

507. Dongho adalah org yang pemalu

508. Kalo mrk main di pantai, Kibum ngelempar sendal Dongho ke laut

509. Dongho sangat suka makan daging

510. Dongho main warcraft dan bbrp games online lainnya

511. Dongho berteman baik dgn IU

512. Xander : “Dongho, anjingmu bru saja pup” Dongho: “Knp kalian melihatku kalo anjingku pup”

513. Dongho senang hanya dgn mencium wangi uang

514. Menurut Dongho, hal yg paling berarti yg Kevin katakan ke Dongho sampai hari ini adalah idiot

515. Kevin, Soohyun, Dongho dan Xander suka pada gadis alami yg tdk oprasi plastik dan berkepribadian bagus

516. “Bahuku adalah ketampanan yg tersembunyi”

517. Dongho seringkali tdk memerhatikan hyung nya dan suka bermain di sekitar hyung nya

518. Dongho suka warna pink

519. Kalo ada waktu senggang, Dongho bakal mainin PSP nya

520. Dongho adalah member yang paling dekat dgn Eli

521. Dongho mandi sekitar 10 menit

522. Menurut Kibum, Dongho adalah member yg paling susah diatur

523. “Aku lbh menjadi pendengar drpd pembicara”

524. “Jika Eli laper, kami akan memberinya makan makanan burung”

525. Iri dgn Soohyun krn bs mencapai nada2 tinggi krn ia gak bs

526. “Kalau salah 1 member sakit maka kami akan mengunjunginya”

527. ” Bahasa Inggrisku gak bgitu buruk tp hyung2ku dtg dari berbagai negara jadi bahasa inggrisku nampak buruk”

528. Suka teddy bear trutama winnie the pooh

529. Nama fansclub Soohyun : Royalties

530. Nama fansclub Alexander : Xanderretes

531. Nama fansclub Eli : Elisoniac

532. Nama fansclub Kiseop : Kiseoppie

533. Nama fansclub Kevin : Kevinian

534. Nama fansclub Dongho : Dongholic

535. Nama fansclub Kibum : Kibumster

536. Nama fansclub AJ : Jelly Beans

537. Ternyata Kevin suka lagu2 Justin Bieber khususnya Baby dan Eenie Meenie

538. Speed dial no 1 di hape Eli adalah ibunya, tp dy tidak begitu sering menelepon ayahnya

539. Nama panggilan Xander adalah monkey. Tapi Kevin memberinya panggilan khusus yaitu CRAZY OLD Monkey

540. Kata Dongho “Bahuku adalah ketampanan yang tersembunyi” ;p

541. “I am a Cinderella” begitu kata Kevin di acara U-Kiss Vampire

542. Kevin selalu kalah di permainan “Batu, Gunting, Kertas”

543. Kiseop takut ketinggian

544. Ibu Eli mirip artis Lee Da Hae

545. Kevin dan Xander suka memeluk fans mereka

546. Kevin ditanyai siapa yang paling ia sukai di U-kiss dan ia berlari pada Kibum dan memeluknya. Xander langsung menyingkir

547. Dongho menyukai teddy bear khususnya Winnie The Pooh

548. Soohyun tidak suka cewek yang menghabiskan uang demi membeli hadiah untuknya

549. Kevin sangat senang dancing Gee dan OH

550. Kevin senang menerima hadiah dari KISS ME dan ia akan menerima apapun selama hadiah itu berasal dari fansnya

551. U-Kiss jatuh cinta pada alat pendeteksi kebohongan

552. Eli punya sahabat saat ia masih di TK, 10 tahun lalu, saat masih di China. Tetapi sahabatnya meninggal

553. Hobinya Soohyun adalah sepakbola dan bermain piano

554. Saat Kiseop nervous, ia akan berbicara dgn kecepatan tinggi. Kayak Jjong

555. Dongho suka bermain di sekitar Hyung-nya

556. Xander menyukai batman saat ia kecil

557. Dongho sering tidak memperhatikan Hyung-nya

558. Satu dari nama panggilan Kevin adalah “Fish”

559. Saat mempunyai waktu luang, Dongho akan bermain dengan PSP-nya V

560. Xander dekat dengan Choi Siwon SJ dan Amber F(x)

561. Kibum dan Kiseop akan pergi ke gym bersama saat Eli dan Soohyun pergi

562. Soohyun tidak bisa bermain billyard dengan baik

563. Member yang paling dekat dengan Eli adalah Dongho

564. Soohyun dan Eli kadang2 datang ke rumah Xander untuk makan dan curhat

565. Saat BEG perform “How Come”, Xander akan menari dengan sendirinya
566. Talenta yang dimiliki Kibum : mengkomposisikan musik, poppin’ dance, bahasa jepang dan bermain piano

567. Soohyun melakukan 100x sit up untuk pemanasan di gym

568. Kevin menangis saat menyanyikan lagu “End of the road” lalu Dongho menenangkannya

569. Eli senang menerima topi dari fansnya

570. Nama anjing Dongho adalah “Bbo Bbo”

571. Kibum sangat mencintai kakaknya. Dia bilang dy tidak bs hidup tanpa kakaknya

572. Eli ingin menjadi aktor hollywood

573. Eli selalu membawa charger handphone di tasnya. Dy blg ia akan menemui masalah jika ia tidak membawanya

574. “Kami akan melakukan apapun untuk melindungi fans kami, cinta kami dan KISSME’s kami” kata Xander V

575. Eli suka menggigiti kukunya saat nervous

576. Xander pernah blg kalo tariannya lbh qren drpd SNSD dan dy blg caranya lbh sexy daripada SNSD

578. “I am Draculla” kata Dongho di acara U-kiss Vampire

579. Kevin suka cwek yang peduli terhadapnya

580. Soohyun bisa beradaptasi dengan sesuatu yang baru

581. Eli bermain billyard dengan sangat bagus

582. Kevin mendefinisikan cinta sebagai sebuah lagu

583. Saat Kibum melakukan hal2 gila, hanya permenlah yang bs mengembalikannya seperti semula

584. Xander blg nenek moyangnya berasal dari Filiphina, jd ia punya darah Filiphina

585. Kibum punya jam yang bs bernyanyi

586. Status hubungan anggota U-kiss adalah SINGLE

587. Xander bilang dia suka masakan indonesia, nasi goreng ama sate ayam.

588. Xander sangat suka ngaca.

589. Xander bilang dia minta maaf atas semuanya, & Kissme hrs ttp dkng Ukiss walau tnpa dia & Kibum.

590. Soohyun ska bgt sma Victoria bhkn dia bilang “Lubang hidung Victioria sangat cantik”

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