[INFO/TRANS] 110920 Regarding the photocards included in B1A4’s 2nd Mini Album ‘it B1A4’ (Fans who bought albums, please read!!)

Hello, this is WM Entertainment. To our all beloved fans,

Due to a mistake by the printing company, the individual member photocard included in B1A4’s 2nd Mini Album ‘it B1A4’ has the images from the 1st Mini Album ‘Let’s Fly’ instead. We would sincerely like to apologize for any inconveniences caused to the fans. The photocard image is not of the same image from ‘it B1A4’ we at WM Entertainment requested to be printed on the card sticker. About the initial batch 20000 albums out on the market are affected. After the batch of 20000 albums, we promise that the correctly printed photocards will be included. If the fans who have purchased the affected albums would like to exchange their photocard, please bring them to the stores specified below so that they can be exchanged for ‘it B1A4’ photocards.

Also, frin the result of checking via the official cafe and various internet communities, we have confirmed that the albums purchased at several online stores may include a wallet card, in addition to the photocard. The photocard is of a random member included in every album, but the wallet cards are included at random by online retailers.

Thank you very much to all the fans who always treat B1A4 with heartfelt sincerity, and please continue to look out and love them. Thank you.

– You may exchange your photocards at the following stores starting from 26 September 2011.
Hottracks (all stores), Synnara (all stores), Libro (all stores), YP Books, Evan Records and all major music stores nationwide.


Halo, ini adalah WM Entertainment. Untuk semua penggemar yang kami cintai,

Karena kesalahan oleh perusahaan percetakan, photocard anggota individu dalam mini album kedua B1A4 ‘IT B1A4’ ternyata berisi photocard dari mini album pertama ‘Let’s Fly’ Kami dengan tulus ingin mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanan yang disebabkan kepada para penggemar. Gambar photocard bukan gambar yang sama dari ‘IT B1A4’ kami di WM Entertainment diminta untuk mengeprint kartu stiker. Tentang batch awal, 20000 album keluar di pasar terpengaruh. Setelah batch album 20000, kami berjanji bahwa photocard yang benar akan dicetak kemudian disertakan dalam mini album kedua. Jika para fans yang telah membeli album ingin bertukar photocard mereka, silakan membawa albumnya ke toko-toko yang ditentukan di bawah ini sehingga mereka dapat dipertukarkan dengan photocard ‘IT B1A4’

Juga, hasil pemeriksaan melalui situs resmi dan berbagai komunitas, kami telah mengkonfirmasikan bahwa album yang dibeli di beberapa toko online dapat menyertakan wallet card, selain photocard tersebut. Photocard masing-masing member secara acak dimasukan ke dalam album, tapi wallet card dimasukkan secara acak oleh pengecer online.

Terima kasih banyak untuk semua fans yang selalu mencintai B1A4 sepenuh hati dengan ketulusan, dan mengasihi mereka. Terima kasih.

– Kalian dapat bertukar photocard di toko-toko berikut ini mulai dari 26 September 2011.
Hottracks (semua toko), Synnara (semua toko), Libro (semua toko), YP Books, Evan Records dan semua toko musik besar nasional.

Translation Credits: skipfire @
IDN Trans by Youngchannie @ Liesha92
Please repost with full credits to source and translator

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