[INFO] 120302 – Information About the Release of B1A4’s 1st Official Full Album’s Track “This Time Is Over”

Hello. This is WM Entertainment.

One of the tracks, “This Time Is Over”, from B1A4’s official full length album which is dropping on March 14th, will be revealed before the album. It will be released through online music sites on March 5th at 0:00 AM.

We ask that you look forward to all the tracks on B1A4’s first full length album and we ask for a lot of interest and love towards the B1A4 members who worked hard, day and night, to show a good sides of themsleves towards fans.

We plan to update additional information about the album later on so please check the official notice later.

Thank you.

Source: b1a4’s homepage
Translation credits: hyejin @ b1a4trans
Re-shared by YoungChannie @ Liesha92

3월 2, 2012 - Posted by | B1A4, B1A4 News

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