[NEWS] B1A4′s Jinyoung’s composing skills praised as being ‘Monster-like’

B1A4′s leader Jinyoung has been receiving the praise of fellow composers for his ‘monster-like’ work with B1A4′s comeback title track, “Baby I’m Sorry“.

“Baby I’m Sorry” has ranked in at the top 10 of digital music sites moments after its release, demonstrating the group’s high rising potential.

WM Entertainment revealed, “‘Baby I’m Sorry’ was personally written, composed, and produced by Jinyoung himself. The addictive melody and the way the song has a reversal in feel has been earning the praise of many. Every album, Jinyoung has been consistently composing songs to increase his musical capability. This album has earned him the nickname of ‘Monster’.”

The official went on to reveal that the composing team and co-producers of the album had stated, “Watching Jinyoung write songs is scary. He doesn’t know anything about chords and yet he writes songs just as he feels them. He’s really good at that, which makes us anticipate his next releases all that much more.”

Source + Photos: Segye via Naver + Allkpop

3월 15, 2012 - Posted by | B1A4 News, Jinyoung

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